BBQ Packs

Served with soft white buns and BBQ sauce (5 person minimum)

Bayou Pack......

1 Slow Smoked Bbq Meat, 2 Sides

Voodoo Classic......

2 Slow Smoked Bbq Meats, 2 Sides

Jazz Master......

3Slow Smoked Bbq Meats, 3 Sides

Add VooDoo BBQ ribs to any pack

Ribs & BBQ Combo Packs

Ragin’ Cajun.......

Baby Back Ribs, 1 Slow Smoked BBQ Meat, 3 sides

The Big Easy......

Baby Back Ribs, 2 Slow Smoked BBQ Meats, 3 sides


Piled high with New Orleans style favorites. Add some signature sides or extra helpings of our Louisiana Legends to round out a great meal.

Baby Back Rib Platter......

10 Racks (feeds 20-35)

Chicken Tender Platter......

25 Tenders (feeds 5-10)

BBQ, Buffalo or Plain


Slow Smoked BBQ

VooDoo BBQ meats are dry rubbed with amazing Cajun spices and slow-smoked to perfection with oak and pecan. And everything tastes better with our homemade signature sides.

Additional BBQ Meat Choice.......
Signature Pulled Pork

Tender, slow smoked pork

Smoked Chicken Breast

Lightly seasoned with salt & cracked black pepper

The Carnival

Our BBQ pork, chicken, spicy cajun sausage and brisket chopped & mixed with sauce

Spicy Cajun Sausage
Slow Smoked Brisket

Dry rubbed with our signature spices & slow smoked for 14 hours


People love our BBQ and crave our sides. Homestyle southern favorites lovingly crafted with all the finest ingredients and seasoned with Louisiana herbs and spices.

Pint .....Quart .....Gallon
Corn Pudding
Macaroni & Cheese
Sweet Potato Soufflé
Baked Beans
Fresh Steamed Veggies
Gris-Gris Greens
VooDoo Chips


Half-Pan serves 8-12.....Full-Pan serves 25-35

Combine slow smoked VooDoo BBQ with crisp garden greens for a salad done New Orleans style. Get our Potato Bar to round out your meal menu.

Bayou BBQ Salad

​Fresh tomatoes, cheddar cheese, cucumbers, red onions, homemade croutons & fried onions with a choice of: pulled pork, smoked sausage, The Carnival, smoked chicken breast, jerk chicken, smoked turkey or brisket

Half-Pan.....     Full-Pan.....
Garden Salad

Crisp iceberg & romaine lettuce, fresh tomato chunks, cucumbers, red onions, cheddar cheese, and homemade croutons.

Half-Pan.....      Full-Pan.....

Choice of dressing: balsamic vinaigrette, chipotle, ranch or honey mustard

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Potato Bar

Additional BBQ Meat Choice.....

Our potatoes are slow roasted, never microwaved, then you pile them high with all your favorite toppings. A great choice paired with our Louisiana Legends.

Overstuffed BBQ Potatoes.....

​Baked Potato, 1 Slow Smoked BBQ Meat, Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Sour Cream & Green Onions

Louisiana Legends

​Classic and hearty, these southern dishes will keep you coming back for more. Add a gallon of our famous sweet (or unsweet) tea
BBQ Jambalaya.....

with chicken, pork & spicy cajun sausage

half-pan.....    full-pan.....

half-pan feeds 8-12    full-pan feeds 16-24

Red Beans & Rice

with sausage

half-pan.....    full-pan.....

half-pan feeds 10-15    full-pan feeds 20-30

Mambo Gumbo

with chicken & sausage

quart.....    gallon.....

quart feeds 3-4    gallon feeds 10-16

Voodoo Box Lunch

​Choose a warm & wonderful BBQ sandwich or two BBQ meat selections, plus a signature side and brownie.  Add a can of soda.

BBQ Sandwich Bag.....

​1 BBQ Sandwich, 1 Side, Brownie & BBQ Sauce

BBQ Lunch Box.....

​2 Slow Smoked BBQ Meats, 2 Sides, Brownie, Soft White Bun & BBQ Sauce


Life is sweet, so always leave room for dessert. Decadent and delicious, our desserts are just like ya Maw-Maw used to make.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding
half-pan.....    gallon.....

half-pan feeds 10-18    full-pan feeds 20-36

Homemade Brownies
half-pan.....    gallon.....

half-pan feeds 10-18    full-pan feeds 20-36


Sweet or Unsweet Tea.....
Can Soda/Bottled Water.....