Smoked Baby Back Ribs - An Apple A Day

VooDoo BBQ and Grill takes an interesting twist when it comes to its Smoked Baby Back Ribs: apple juice.  VooDoo BBQ’s recipe not only calls for repetitive apple juice spraying, but also alternating the meat prep with pork rub.  With this apple juice-pork rub marinade cycle lathering both the meat side and the bone side, VooDoo BBQ’s ribs are always sizzling with flavor.   After three hours and the combination of these two ingredients, you are in for a tantalizing Baby Back Ribs experience.  Once you try this recipe, you will never have ribs another way.

• Baby Back Ribs
• Pork Rub
• Apple juice

1. Lay ribs meat side up on a tray and spray with apple juice
2. Sprinkle meat side of ribs with 1 TBSP of rub
3. Spray ribs again with apple juice to wet the rub applied before
4. Flip the ribs over to the bone side and spray with apple juice
5. Sprinkle bottom side of ribs with ½ TBSP of rub
6. Spray bottom side of ribs with apple juice to set the rub
7. Place the seasoned ribs on smoker racks
8. Place 2 small pecan logs and 1 small oak log in the smoker
9. Set smoker for 3 hours at 240 degrees
10. After one hour, spray the ribs with apple juice
11. Continue to cook the ribs for another hour
12. After the second hour, remove ribs from smoker
13. Place ribs on a foil sheet and spray with apple juice.  Double wrap ribs in aluminum foil
14. Reduce temperature to 170 degrees
15. Return ribs to smoker to cook for final hour
16. After three hours remove ribs from smoker, place in holding cabinet at 140 degrees.


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